Welcome to Dominik 'Newt' Spitzli's Rusty Universe 🚀

About Dominik, The Rust Whisperer 🧙‍♂️

Hey there, I'm Dominik, but you can call me Newt. Why the Rust Whisperer? Because when I code in Rust, the compiler and I are in a harmonious dance. By day, I'm the TCSM (Technical Customer Support Manager) at Excelsea GmbH & Co. KG, and by night, I'm an Application Developer at LCH Cloud GmbH.

Fun Fact: I once convinced a Rust compiler to give me a loan. True story!

Meet Newt, My Fursona 🐺

Newt is a playful, adorable wolf who loves coding and pizza just as much as I do. While I'm out there socializing in the tech world, Newt prefers to keep things low-key. Yes, he's a bit introverted, but don't let that fool you; he can debug a program faster than you can say 'syntax error'!

Fun Fact: Newt has a PhD in 'Pawgramming'!

Why Dominik is Cooler Than Your Average Coder 😎

Fun Fact: I once debugged a program by just staring at it. The code got scared and fixed itself.

Let's Get Social 🎉

If you want to chat about Rust, life's mysteries, or why tabs are unequivocally better than spaces, hit me up on Discord or LinkedIn.

Fun Fact: My social media profiles have more followers than a shepherd's herd.